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ABOUT CASE Legal Media

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CASE Legal Media. While the letters in our name are an acronymCASE Legal Media. While the letters in our name are an acronym for Case Acquisition System Experts, perhaps the most important of these ideas is the word “System”. The CASE Legal Media team brings to the table a system of case acquisition, built on decades of experience in media and marketing intelligence. It’s a systemized approach utilizing the power of television, radio, and digital media together to deliver to our law firm partners the sweet spot of low cost and high-quality CASE acquisition.
Law Firm
CASE Legal Media has helped our law firm partners procure thousands of cases in both national mass tort and local personal injury campaigns. Through our partner relationships, CASE Legal Media can assist our clients in all aspects of client acquisition, from marketing to intake to records retrieval. Our clients experience one of the highest levels of transparency and communication for every campaign we run. It’s a system of CASE acquisition, built from the ground up to give our law firm partners the best campaign return on investment possible. Our mission at Case Acquisition System Experts is to put our systems and resources to work to deliver to our clients an unparalleled combination of service and return on investment for case acquisition.

Media Solutions

Digital advertising has become a one of the most powerful tools of legal case acquisition over the past few years, and CASE Legal Media is perfectly positioned to help our clients capture claimants from Facebook, Instagram, and the web.   Depending on the specific type of legal campaign, our team can put together a strategy that can target people who have been harmed or are looking for help.  We can also use the power of digital advertising to geographically target the cases you’re looking for and position your law firm as the dominant force within your region.
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Digital social media
The television buyers at CASE Legal Media have successfully purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in television advertising, and leverage their experience and relationships with television networks, national cable networks, broadcast satellite services, and local broadcast stations to drive results for clients.  Utilizing predictive analytics and proprietary agreements keeps CASE Legal Media and our law firm clients on the leading edge of using this powerful medium for case acquisition. 


Car radio
Who listens to radio?  A lot more people than you think!  And often, radio listeners are some of the most loyal consumers of media out there.  Radio is a powerful tool to reach people harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices as the age demographic of the listener often hits the sweet spot of low cost acquisition for our campaigns.  Adding radio as part of your media strategy will push you ahead of your competition who ignore this media channel.   


Intake Solutions

What do we consider one of the most important components using media for case acquisition?  In a word: Intake!  Good intake is a critical step in the process, as the best marketing in the word won't produce results without the right intake strategy.


CASE Legal Media has proprietary agreements with the largest intake centers in the country to handle intake for our clients with the highest level of professionalism, empathy, and compliance.  CASE Legal Media can manage both the marketing and intake process for clients, allowing law firms to focus more time on litigating and less time on managing a campaign.  


Our system of working with intake partners allow clients to have complete transparency of all campaign processes, including call recordings, lead reports, and weekly analysis of current campaign budget usage and performance metrics.   

Hotline Consultant
Call Center Headset
Call Center Employee


Social Media





Which media channel performs best for case acquisition?  Television? Web?  Social Media?  Radio?  The reality is a single media channel approach to finding the best cases at the lowest possible cost rarely works.  CASE Legal Media use the power of digital, television, social media, and radio to dynamically move between both digital and traditional media based on real time analytics.  It’s a more intelligent approach to media to connect your firm with claimants seeking help after being harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices, and gives your firm robust tools to maximize return on investment and mitigate risk.    



The team at CASE Legal Media is on a mission.  We're a dedicated group with a collective decades of experience using powerful tools to drive results for clients.  The traditional career path for us would be to use these tools and experience to sell products and services you see advertised on television or on the web everyday.  But we wanted to do something more and felt a calling to dedicate our professional lives to find a way to help people.


We believe in the work that our law firm partners are doing, and share their passion to help people and bring the bad guys to justice.  Some time ago we realized that millions of people across the country were being harmed by dangerous drugs, products, and medical devices, and the sad reality was for many of these people there will be no one to give them the message that there is help available, and in some cases they may be entitled to compensation.  Without a way to get that message out, most people would never get the help they need, and the help they deserve.


Knowing that we may be helping people that ordinarily might not get the message that there's help available is the fuel that drives what we do.  It's the energy that motivates our passion for helping law firms find new clients, and we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to make this area our life's work.  

PAID ADVERTISEMENT: This Webpage is a group advertisement. It is not a lawyer referral service. is owned and operated by Case Legal Media and is not a law firm. We connect people to legal service and there is no charge to be connected with an attorney. You are under no obligation to retain any services of those connected through our website. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice for you. This information does not constitute legal or medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Always consult with your doctor before modifying your medication or regular medical regimen.

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