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How We're Different

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CASE Legal Media utilizes decades of experience in web, television, and radio to drive case acquisition for our clients.  Where other media agencies focus on only a single area of marketing, CASE Legal Media embraces all media channels allowing us to optimize the campaign in a way that is unparalleled in the industry.  

Through our proprietary agreements with the largest intake centers in the country, CASE Legal Media can deliver all resources needed to drive case acquisition from marketing, to creative production to media plan execution to managing intake.  We can manage both marketing and intake costs within a single budget, so our law firm partners never receive a bill from an intake center.

CASE Legal Media employs powerful technology to track and measure all campaigns, and provide a very high level of transparency with real-time data measuring a wide array of metrics during the campaign.  Depending on how much data the client wants to receive, we can provide data reporting within any time parameter for total number of leads for a given campaign, conversion of raw leads to qualified leads, conversion of qualified leads to signed retainer, conversion of retainers sent out via mailing to signed and returned, and more.  For campaigns involving inbound calls from television, radio and the web, our online portal allows our clients to see call activity in real time, and review data in a variety of formats.  All calls are recorded, so any question related to intake is archived in an audio file for follow up.  Outside of any daily reporting, CASE Legal delivers a summary report with details on the spend for the previous week, and number of retainers with projected cost per signed retainer metrics.

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