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CASE Legal Media. While the letters in our name are an acronym for Case Acquisition System Experts, perhaps the most important of these ideas is the word “System”. The CASE Legal Media team brings to the table a system of case acquisition, built on decades of experience in media and marketing intelligence. It’s a systemized approach utilizing the power of television, radio, and digital media together to deliver to our law firm partners the sweet spot of low cost and high-quality CASE acquisition.

CASE Legal Media has helped our law firm partners procure thousands of cases in both national mass tort and local personal injury campaigns. Through our partner relationships, CASE Legal Media can assist our clients in all aspects of client acquisition, from marketing to intake to records retrieval. Our clients experience one of the highest levels of transparency and communication for every campaign we run. It’s a system of CASE acquisition, built from the ground up to give our law firm partners the best campaign return on investment possible. Our mission at Case Acquisition System Experts is to put our systems and resources to work to deliver to our clients an unparalleled combination of service and return on investment for case acquisition.



George Young 2018.jpg
George Young

George is the Founder of CASE Legal Media, and brings to law firms across the nation three decades of media experience across business development, marketing, internet technology, media strategy, and intake.  His passion for serving law firm clients stems from his belief that marketing for case acquisition provides one of the few means of communication for victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices to get help.  As a former media buyer in the nation's largest Direct Response agency, George leverages his experience and relationships with national cable networks, local broadcasters, and internet and social media platforms to help his clients get the best return on investment possible investing in marketing for case acquisition.   

Brian Rauch.png
Brian Rauch
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Rauch has 20+ years of high level executive experience spanning from digital marketing and media buying to marketing management and operations.  He has extensive experience and background in product management, strategy and business development in the areas of legal lead generation, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, online lending and consumer electronics.  His prior experience includes being Vice President of Business Development for Admediary/Case Clients, President of FireStorm Labs,  President of LightSword Media, VP of Marketing for PartnerWeekly, and Director at 

Denny Newberry.png
Denny Newberry

Chief Strategy Officer

Denny Newberry is CASE Legal Media's Chief Strategy Officer, focusing on the development of assets, resources, and strategy to drive agency growth and help develop the most comprehensive and sophisticated tools in the industry to help our law firm clients maximize profitability and success.  


To say Denny has already accomplished great things in our industry at a relatively young age would be an understatement.  Denny was at the forefront of developing and growing Captorra, one of the leading case management and legal intake software solutions, allowing law firms access to real time data to make intelligent business decisions tracking the entire life cycle of a case from intake to case management, all the way to litigation.  


Denny was also Co-Founder of the legal intake solution Intake Conversion Experts (ICE), one of the most respected and widely utilized legal intake solutions in the country.  Denny utilizes his legal services experience across a wide array of platforms to give CASE Legal Media's clients the edge in case acquisition return on investment. 

Ben Hobbs 2.jpg
Ben Hobbs

Senior Director of Media

Ben Hobbs is CASE Legal Media’s Senior Director of Media, combining his rich experience in media buying and campaign strategy to optimize client results for both digital and traditional advertising.  In addition to his role as a Senior Media Buyer, Ben oversees a team that develops both digital and offline creatives, web landing pages, network traffic requests, and multi-media production.  Ben manages all key agency relationships with digital resources such as Facebook and Google, and works with his team to optimize marketing tactics on behalf of our clients to ensure campaign effectiveness.  Ben's focus is to use his media buying and management experience to give CASE Legal Media's clients the edge using the web and traditional media for the best metrics possible utilizing marketing for case acquisition.

John Spindler Head Shot_edited.jpg
John Spindler, PhD

Senior Director of Data Analytics/Data Scientist

John has built an impressive career focusing on data and marketing analytics.  He brings to CASE Legal Media's law firm clients a real advantage by focusing on campaign performance intelligence, deep data analytics, and development of data dashboards.  Dr. Spindler has a unique talent to take campaign data and provide optimization recommendations to lower campaign costs and help drive campaigns to maximize high value retainers. His efforts not only enhance the performance and profitability of our campaigns, but the development of data dashboards and psychographic/demographic insights provide unparalleled business intelligence to give CASE Legal Media clients the performance edge in a competitive media landscape.

Glen Sorenson.png
Glen Sorenson
Executive Vice Presiden

Glen is the Executive Vice President  for CASE Legal Media, and is known throughout the industry for his trusted and experienced advice helping law firms with case acquisition. Glen provides a wealth of knowledge and campaign analysis to his clients and the team putting our campaigns together, and is an expert at strategic planning to help law firms maximum their goals.

Patsy Miller
SVP Business Development

Patsy is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for CASE Legal Media, and brings to the table a wealth of experience in marketing, business development, intake, and all systems related to case acquisition.   Patsy is known throughout the industry as a trusted advisor to law firms, and provides management and information to top level law firms that helps guide decisions related to case acquisition in Mass Tort and Single Event case types.  Patsy's experience in the industry includes television, radio, and online marketing, and leads company strategy for Webinars and other industry events educating law firms on the latest information relating to emerging litigation.  

Scott Santese
Senior Director of Business Development 

Scott is CASE Legal Media's Senior Director of Business Development.  Using his decades of legal marketing and case acquisition knowledge, he consults with law firm clients to achieve optimal results for their campaigns.  Having spent the past 15 years specifically working with law firm partners in building compensable dockets for personal injury and mass tort litigations, Scott is known as a trusted source for delivering high quality PC's to law firms nationally.

Jessica Rich 2.jpg
Jessica Rich
Director of Business Development

Jessica Rich is currently serving as a Director of Business Development for CASE Legal Media.  Jessica brings to the table more than 15 years of high level sales and marketing experience, leveraging her expertise working with law firms and attorneys to develop top level Mass Tort and single event campaigns.  Prior to starting her career in the legal industry, Jessica proudly served her country in the United States Navy as an Oceanographer and Meteorologist.

IMG_9280 2.jpg
Alex Young
Creative Director

Alex is in charge of creative development, video production, and marketing graphics for CASE Legal Media.   A talented filmmaker and video editor, Alex puts his talent to work for our clients in creating television spots, internet graphics, and creatives that drive a high level of response for Mass Tort and Single Event campaigns.  

Minnie Horne Photo.jpeg
Minnie Horne, MBA
Company Controller

Minnie brings more than 30 years of accounting and finance experience to the CASE Legal Media team. Her experience includes corporate financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, cash management, multi-currency financial consolidation and more.  Her focus in finance has spanned across a number of different business models including SAAS, Pre-IPO, manufacturing and direct selling companies.  She has in-depth knowledge of accounting operations and systems.  She has proven leadership and ability to interface effectively across any organization. Minnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration in Finance. 

Amie Portis
Director of Business Development

Amie has built an impressive resume helping attorneys throughout the country with a wide array of services designed to help law firms grow.  She brings to CASE Legal Media clients more than a decade of experience spanning across sales, technology, marketing, and intake. With extensive experience working with some of the leading law firms in the nation, Amie is known for bringing unique and creative solutions to her clients as a trusted advisor and consultant.

Tyler 2.JPG
Tyler Polsdorf
Media Operations Manager

Tyler is the Media Operations Manager for CASE Legal Media.  Tyler manages all systems related to campaign analytics, call routing, and media partner relationships.  Tyler focuses on quality control for all leads driving campaigns, and produces reports and spreadsheets detailing cost analysis and performance for all media channels.

Janeen Becerra
Accounting Associate

Janeen Becerra is CASE Legal Media's Accounting Associate.  She assists the financial team by performing the accounting responsibilities related to accounts payable, accounts receivable & assists in general accounting  functions.  Janeen maintains records related to media costs and billing to help ensure that CASE Legal Media's clients always have the most accurate cost accounting data for campaign performance analysis.  

Sophie Koubek.jpeg
Sophie Koubek
Digital Creative and Video Specialist

Sophie brings to the table a wealth of experience in agency creative development spanning from graphic and web design, web encoding, and television commercial editing.  She works to ensure our digital and television creatives both look and perform at the highest level possible. Sophie focuses on creative development for both online and offline media channels. 

Peyton Borgheiinck
Media Operations 

Peyton focuses on many areas of media operations for CASE Legal Media including lead analysis, campaign analytics, inbound call review, and media buy management.  Peyton produces many of the reports we use in our agency each day, and helps to make sure we're delivering the best quality and service for our clients possible!

Colton Mason
Media Operations Specialist

Colton Mason is CASE Legal's media operation specialist, focusing on all aspects of media operations related to the management of inbound calls from television, radio, and digital media channels utilized for case acquisition.  Colton coordinates the delivery of media buys and traffic orders for television and radio campaigns, and ensures the flow of inbound calls are properly routed to our call center partners during campaign setup and execution.  

Melissa Norwood photo.jpeg
Melissa Norwood
Media Operations Specialist

Melissa Norwood handles a wide array of media operations for CASE Legal Media including lead analysis, network traffic, media buying and network creative delivery.  Melissa monitors call and lead flow from CASE Legal Media's ad campaigns to ensure all campaigns are optimized to deliver the highest case quality and lowest cost metrics possible utilizing marketing for case acquisition.  

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