CASE Legal Media. While the letters in our name are an acronym for Case Acquisition System Experts, perhaps the most important of these ideas is the word “System”. The CASE Legal Media team brings to the table a system of case acquisition, built on decades of experience in media and marketing intelligence. It’s a systemized approach utilizing the power of television, radio, and digital media together to deliver to our law firm partners the sweet spot of low cost and high-quality CASE acquisition.

CASE Legal Media has helped our law firm partners procure thousands of cases in both national mass tort and local personal injury campaigns. Through our partner relationships, CASE Legal Media can assist our clients in all aspects of client acquisition, from marketing to intake to records retrieval. Our clients experience one of the highest levels of transparency and communication for every campaign we run. It’s a system of CASE acquisition, built from the ground up to give our law firm partners the best campaign return on investment possible. Our mission at Case Acquisition System Experts is to put our systems and resources to work to deliver to our clients an unparalleled combination of service and return on investment for case acquisition.



George Young

George is the Founder of CASE Legal Media, and brings to law firms across the nation three decades of media experience across business development, marketing, internet technology, media strategy, and intake.  His passion for serving law firm clients stems from his belief that marketing for case acquisition provides one of the few means of communication for victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices to get help.  As a former media buyer in the nation's largest Direct Response agency, George leverages his experience and relationships with national cable networks, local broadcasters, and internet and social media platforms to help his clients get the best return on investment possible investing in marketing for case acquisition.   

Patsy Miller
SVP Business Development

Patsy is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for CASE Legal Media, and brings to the table a wealth of experience in marketing, business development, intake, and all systems related to case acquisition.   Patsy is known throughout the industry as a trusted advisor to law firms, and provides management and information to top level law firms that helps guide decisions related to case acquisition in Mass Tort and Single Event case types.  Patsy's experience in the industry includes television, radio, and online marketing, and leads company strategy for Webinars and other industry events educating law firms on the latest information relating to emerging litigation.  

Glen Sorenson
VP Business Development

Glen is VP of Business Development for CASE Legal Media, and is known throughout the industry for his trusted and experienced advice helping law firms with case acquisition. Glen provides a wealth of knowledge and campaign analysis to his clients and the team putting our campaigns together, and is an expert at strategic planning to help law firms maximum their goals.

Scott Santese
Director of Business Development

Scott is CASE Legal Media's Director of Business Development.  Using his decades of legal marketing and case acquisition knowledge, he consults with law firm clients to achieve optimal results for their campaigns.  Having spent the past 15 years specifically working with law firm partners in building compensable dockets for personal injury and mass tort litigations, Scott is known as a trusted source for delivering high quality PC's to law firms nationally.

Tyler Polsdorf
Media Operations Specialist

Tyler is the Media Operations Manager for CASE Legal Media.  Tyler manages all systems related to campaign analytics, call routing, and media partner relationships.  Tyler focuses on quality control for all leads driving campaigns, and produces reports and spreadsheets detailing cost analysis and performance for all media channels.

Peter Anguelov
Campaign Data and Analytics

Peter works with the CASE Legal media buy team to make sure creatives and traffic are all managed correctly.  In addition to managing call routing and media buy software systems, Peter provide front line communication to all CASE Legal Media's partners in the traditional media and online space to make sure clients' return on investment goals are being met or exceeded.

Alex Young
Video Production Specialist

Alex is in charge of creative development, video production, and marketing graphics for CASE Legal Media.   A talented photographer and video editor, Alex puts his talent to work for our clients in creating television spots, internet graphics, and creatives that drive a high level of response for Mass Tort and Single Event campaigns.  

Larissa Cardoso
Web Design Intern

Larissa is CASE Legal media’s web design intern contributing creative development for our online presence, website development and updates, and building digital creative graphics and images for social media campaigns. Currently pursuing a BBA degree, Larissa is passionate about using design to solve problems and grow our brand awareness.

the Greyhound

A seasoned athlete who ran 121 races south of the border, Tequila is a rescue dog who helps provide the team inspiration and smiles and reminds us of the importance of giving back to our community and industry.