Digital social media

Digital advertising has become a one of the most powerful tools of legal case acquisition over the past few years, and CASE Legal Media is perfectly positioned to help our clients capture claimants from Facebook, Instagram, and the web.   Depending on the specific type of legal campaign, our team can put together a strategy that can target people who have been harmed or are looking for help.  We can also use the power of digital advertising to geographically target the cases you’re looking for and position your law firm as the dominant force within your region.

The television buyers at CASE Legal Media have successfully purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in television advertising, and leverage their experience and relationships with television networks, national cable networks, broadcast satellite services, and local broadcast stations to drive results for clients.  Utilizing predictive analytics and proprietary agreements keeps CASE Legal Media and our law firm clients on the leading edge of using this powerful medium for case acquisition. 


Who listens to radio?  A lot more people than you think!  And often, radio listeners are some of the most loyal consumers of media out there.  Radio is a powerful tool to reach people harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices as the age demographic of the listener often hits the sweet spot of low cost acquisition for our campaigns.  Adding radio as part of your media strategy will push you ahead of your competition who ignore this media channel.