With the explosive rise of digital media, it’s easy to forget the dominant place that television still holds in American lives. A recent article in The Atlantic magazine summed it up best:

“Even though phones have pulled attention into this new kind of glowing rectangle to do new things, TV remains the biggest monopolizer of Americans’ attention. Whatever else we might say about Facebook as an ever-optimizing attention-mining machine or the clickbaity excesses of YouTube, Americans still watch as much TV as they did before the creation of Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix.”

“Despite the common perception that traditional television is long past its glory days, the average American adult still spends a huge chunk of his or her life watching live television”*


Some studies suggest that Americans still watch on average more than 7 hours of television each and every day. For some people, it is the trusted medium for news, information and has a huge influence on choices for millions.

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