CASE Legal Media is your one stop solution for all of your marketing and CASE acquisition needs. We provide law firms the highest level of TRUE transparency and communication for every campaign. It’s a system of CASE acquisition giving law firms the best return on investment possible.

CASE Legal Media leverages years of media buying experience and relationships to deliver to law firms the most transparent, reliable, and dependable means of case acquisition from marketing available anywhere. Our television and radio campaigns are optimized using unique telephone numbers to ensure we are always delivering to our law firm partners the most effective and cost-efficient case acquisition from marketing available today. Law firm partners working with CASE Legal Media receive ongoing reporting and campaign analysis during all phases of the campaign, along with ongoing communication with intake services to make sure everyone is working together as a team. Unlike other agencies that deliver only one specific type of marketing approach, CASE Legal Media offers our clients the choice of either performance-based marketing or traditional cash buys, depending on what benefits the client for any given case acquisition goal.

CASE Legal Media is a full-service advertising agency and is not a law firm. Our goal is to coordinate our marketing assets, our television and radio commercial assets, and all of our logistical assets in a way that seamlessly delivers to our clients a single source solution for case acquisition that produces reliable results and solid return on investment metrics.

Our mission is to build long-lasting partnerships with our law firm clients, so they think of us as their own “marketing department down the hallway”, at the ready to put our resources and experience to work to develop marketing plans that deliver quality results for any case type.

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